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B. Ware Works Piano Studio is available for both in-person (Dane County WI) and virtual lessons (Nationwide) ! Due to the continued prevalence of COVID-19, mask and sanitization efforts will still be made to keep us all safe and healthy!


Piano Lessons

I am a passionate piano (composition, and violin) teacher and am SO excited to introduce your children (and YOU!) to the piano, composition, violin, theory, and music history! I own my own piano studio, B. Ware Works Piano Studio, from my home. I currently offer lessons to children age 4 to adults age 100! It is never "too late" to learn to play the piano or read music! I am a firm believer that, if you put your mind to it (and in regard to piano, your fingers and brain!), you can achieve anything! I would LOVE to be your piano teacher!

15-Minute Lessons-$20
* for students age 4 
30-Minute Lessons-$40
*for students ages 5 and up
1-Hour Lessons-$80 
*for Intermediate and Advanced students 
*EXTRA FEES: Parents are responsible for ordering any piano books that the students will need.

Payment and Resources

I accept various forms of payment including cash, check, credit card, debit card, and/or electronic payment through the applications My Music Staff, Cash App (by Square), Venmo, and Apple Pay. I strongly recommend that you use My Music Staff. This web-based application takes care of payment, cancellations, scheduling, etc. ALL AT YOUR FINGERTIPS! So simple!


My Music Staff is a web-based app that can be added to your phone as a shortcut. App coming soon!


Required Apps 


PARENTS, please download/sign in to the following app:

-My Music Staff (sign in via the Parent Portal page)

Studio Policies


ALL PARENTS/GUARDIANS and/or STUDENTS are required to read over and sign the Studio Policies form to complete enrollment. A READ ONLY version of the studio policies can be found below:

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