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Doctors' Notes Music Podcast-Episode 1

Doctors' Notes is a YouTube show featuring Leah Pogwizd (Ph.D. in Ethnomusicology, 2015) and Lawren Brianna Ware (forthcoming DMA in Composition, 2022). In this pilot episode, we discuss how we created the intro audio for the podcast. See below for chapters and links.

CHAPTERS 00:00 Audio Intro/Welcome 01:17 Compositional Process in Sibelius 03:46 Editing Process in Finale 06:00 Sampling in Reaper 09:28 Mixing with the King’s Microphones 11:30 Outro/Coming Soon/Social Media LINKS Sibelius (Music Notation Software): Finale (Music Notation Software): Reaper (Digital Audio Workstation): Splash Sound Percussion Elements (Hi-Hat): Art Vista Back Beat Bass (Upright): Adam Monroe Honky Tonk (Piano): Waves’ the King’s Microphones (Mic Emulator): SHOW LESS

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